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Export Packaging

inženýrské plány


Based on the provided drawing documentation or specified technical parameters of the product, our experienced designers will develop an optimal transportation design.

This design will take into account various factors such as the mode of transport, the final destination of the product, and relevant transportation standards. We will carefully consider suitable packaging materials, protective measures, and labelling to ensure the safe and efficient transport of your product.


Custom production

The production of your package, frame or structure will take place in our modern production area in Holoubkov.


On an area of 2.5 ha, there are several production halls and extensive storage areas. All our products are made from high-quality and certified wood, which undergoes modern processing procedures and is then carefully treated in our own certified wood dryer (in compliance with the ISPM drying guidelines).


Based on the requirements of our customers, we can provide certifications and declarations of conformity not only for the products themselves, but also for the origin of the wood mass and all supplied material. Every step of the production process, including technological procedures, is subject to strict quality control to guarantee a high standard of production.


Experienced carpenters with extensive experience in the field are involved in the production, who pay attention to precision and quality in every detail. Your products will be manufactured with the care that is the result of decades of practice and expertise.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and processes to ensure that your expectations are met at the highest level.

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Product packaging on site

After the production of the product according to your instructions, the next step is its packaging, either directly in our manufacturing facility or by transporting it to your facility and subsequently packaging it on-site using our experienced field teams.

This customized solution allows for maximum flexibility. We can either manage the entire packaging process at our location, utilizing our storage spaces and potentially our transportation, or we can deliver the product to your site and carry out the packaging right there.

Our well-trained field teams have extensive experience in efficient and meticulous packaging, ensuring that your product always arrives in optimal condition and is ready for further use or distribution.



Following the product's packaging, our company also offers the option of our own truck transportation. Our services are designed to fully align with your individual needs.

As part of a comprehensive service package, we provide you with everything you require, including transportation. You can choose the method that best suits your demands. Whether you need standard shipping or non-standard transport with oversized dimensions, we collaborate with a range of trusted transportation companies to ensure that your product arrives safely and on time.

Of course, if you prefer to arrange your own transportation, that's also an option we can accommodate.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete and flexible solution that satisfies your transportation needs and ensures that your product will be delivered in the best condition and in line with your expectations.


We offer our customers several flexible options for the storage of your packaged products, whether they are ready for export or awaiting packaging. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and adaptable solution according to your needs.

Our primary storage space is located in Holoubkov, near the D5 highway exit at Mýto. Here, we offer nearly 1500 m2 of covered storage areas, with a portion even being heated to ensure optimal conditions for storing sensitive products. Additionally, we have an additional 8000 m2 of open storage space, allowing us to manage a wide range of storage requirements.

Furthermore, we have access to over 5000 m2 of indoor warehouse space in the Škoda Plzeň complex, enhancing our capacity for efficient storage of your products.

Your satisfaction is crucial to us, and thus we are prepared to provide not only quality storage facilities but also tailored solutions that fully meet your needs.


Individual approach for complex projects

The manufactured wooden crates, packaging, and containers offer the possibility of a great combination with panel wooden material.

Especially in cases where we are packaging generators, machinery, semi-finished products, or production lines with high weight (typically from 50 tons), these packages are reinforced using special metal reinforcements such as threaded rods, screws, and metal frames. This way, we ensure not only safety but also stability during handling and transportation.

In cases where we supply final packages with metal frames, these packages are equipped with non-destructive testing and load tests. Providing conformity protocols in both Czech and English versions is a standard part of our services, if requested by the customer.

Our packaging can further be enhanced by vacuum sealing the product in aluminum foil or, if necessary, in plastic bags along with drying tablets, thus maximizing the protection of your products.

Our company takes pride in its long-standing design and packaging expertise and has been involved in hundreds of technically demanding projects. You can view examples of some of them in our gallery below or on the "Projects" page.

We are prepared to offer you professional services that fully meet your needs.

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